Wednesday, October 31, 2018

DIY Christmas Stockings

I love the whole tradition of hanging stockings, and it is even better when you can DIY the Christmas Stockings yourself!  The tradition of hanging stockings started a man named Nicholas who was born in 280 A.D.  He dedicated his life to Jesus and was well known for his kind heart and generous spirit.

A wealthy merchant had a change of fortune and he was worried about his daughter's dowries. It would be embarrassing not to have the funds to help marry his daughters.  It is said that Nicholas heard of the merchant's plight, and rode up to his home in the middle of the night and tossed three bags of gold coins into the chimney.  They landed in the stockings of the daughters who had hung them to dry by the fireplace. The next morning the family was thrilled to find the coins. The story spread around the village and other children hung their stockings in hopes of finding a gift in their stocking.

We have hung stockings in our family for 41 years. Our daughter says it is her favorite tradition of Christmas.  Start your own tradition by trying one of these amazing DIY Stockings for your family.

15 Festive Christmas Stocking DIYs

Woven Stocking by a Beautiful Mess

Sweater Stockings by Confessions of a Serial DIYer

Felt Stockings by Homemade Ginger

Fur and Flannel Stockings by Girl Inspired

Elf Toe Christmas Stockings by Artsy Fartsy Mama

Burlap Stockings by Taryn Whiteaker

Retro Stockings by Simply Notable

Classic Cuffed Stocking by Positively Splendid

Mini Stockings by Flamingo Toes

Burlap Christmas Stocking by Craft Passion

No Knit Knitted Stocking by Red Ted Art

Distressed Gingerbread Man Stocking by Dream a Little Bigger

Which one is your favorite?  What is your favorite tradition at your home?

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Deck the Porch!

In our neighborhood, we are all about our porches! Every house has some type of a porch, even if it is small. I like to get started NOW for thinking about how I want my porch to look. I try to blend a mixture of old and something new to keep the porch looking fresh.  Here's our porch in the past:



Our house is a work in progress, but we stick with a common theme. I am already planning my front porch decor now!  What about you?  Is decorating your front porch a ritual you look forward to?  Either way, here are some fabulous front porches that you can adapt to be your very own! 

Outdoor Christmas decorating for private homes seems to have started in the 60s. Strings of lights, accenting the home's lines were popular everywhere. As for front porch decor, I am betting that one of our dear northern neighbors recognize the need for winter cozy on the front porch and thus started a trend forever!

Easy DIY Ice Lanterns by Beauty Through Imperfection

Winter Porch Pots by House of Hawthornes

Christmas Swag by Fynes Designs

Giant Gift Boxes by Club Chica Circle

DIY Joy sign by Landeelu

Snowman Porch Decorations by Craft Create Cook

Hanging Paper Star Lanterns by Polka Dot Chair

DIY Gift Boxes by the Navage Patch

Christmas Ball Wreath by Nemcsok Farms

Can you imagine how festive your porch would be if you used these ideas?  I am excited about all of them!  Which would you love to see decorating your own porch?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Joy to the World!

On of my favorite Christmas carols is Joy to the World. The music is, um, joyful, and the words hopeful and inspiring.  Here's one of my favorite versions:

I just love Pentatonix. I have seen them in concert, and they are every bit as wonderful as you might imagine!

Joy to the World was written in 1719 by Isaac Watts, based on Psalm 98 of the Bible. He was an ordained minister and was awarded the Doctor of Divinity by the University of Edinburgh in 1728. The music is by George Frederick Handel. According to, it is the most published Christmas hymn in North America.  The carol has been recorded by Andy Williams, the Supremes, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Cash, Nat King Cole, Neil Diamond, Pat Boone, Perry Como, Mariah Carey and Pentatonix and many others, according to Wikipedia.

Please accept this beautiful printable as a gift from me for this holiday season. Let me see what you do with this work!  Will you frame it?  Make an ornament?  Gift it to a friend?  Let me know!

You may use this printable as long as you do not sell it, make items to sell from it or profit by it in any way, unless written permission is obtained by Terri Steffes, curator of Christmas Tree Lane.  Thank you.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Christmas Crafts in Christmas Red

I love the traditional colors of Christmas red and Christmas green. They are my favorite, my go-to colors for Christmas. I typically pull them together by using a red/green plaid, which is my favorite pattern to use at Christmas. What about you, are you a trendsetter or a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas colors?

Red is supposed to represent the blood of Christ, usually through the use of holly berries.  Other Christmas red you might see is Apple Red as apples were an early decorating item for Christmas trees.  St. Nicholas, a Bishop who lived in the 4th century in Turkey who wore a red coat when he gave out gifts to children.  Through many centuries St. Nicholas became Santa Claus, who also wears a red coat!

Whatever your Christmas pallet, enjoy these wonderful red Christmas crafts. The bright, vivid color makes you feel Merry and Bright!

Popsicle Stick Santas by One Little Project

Light Bulb Christmas Ornaments by Mod Podge Rocks

Crepe Paper Pomegranates by Lia Griffith

Santa Belly Ornaments by Crafts by Amanda

Button Santa Ornaments by Country Chic Cottage

Wooden Christmas Sign by the Idea Room

Decorative Pillows by the Real Thing with the Coake Family

Painted Snowflake Mason Jar by Mason Jar Crafts Love

Felt Poinsettia Wreath by Skip to My Lou

In the comments below, tell me your Christmas colors. I'd love to know how you chose them to be your colors!