Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Christmas in July! Christmas Planning

Hello, Christmas lovers!

Christmas Tree Lane goes into hibernation from January 1-July 25 each year, during which time we look for wonderful Christmas things to share with you from now until December 31.  We have a Facebook page, too, so be sure and check us out there and on Instagram as well!

It's at this time of the year when I put together my Christmas planner for the season.  I have looked all over the internet for planners that I would love to use and have come up with these for you.  They are all different, have different options and ways to purchase. Some are ebooks and some are hard covers. I chose a hard cover this year for me that fits right into my purse!

This first is an eplanner from the Etsy shop of Craftformers.  This is a personalized planner that is so cute! The inside is completely blank, you determine what lists, and items you want to have in it.  This planner is found here.

My second planner for you is this cutie from Kaylie Designs.  This is a printable that you make at home, providing your own paper and binder.  It's 13 pages of organization material that will help your Christmas planning tremendously!  Kaylie has generously offered CTL readers a 25% discount at her store using the code CHRISTMASTREELANE25 now through August 25! This is for her entire shop!

The third planner I chose because I loved the graphics! For something I am going to use over and over, I want it to be pretty!  This one is from Paper Me Paperie.

The fourth planner I adore is also just so stinking cute.  I love the graphics and there are great pages for organizing.  Woods Printables is the company.  This is an instant download as well.

The last planner I am sharing is a hardbound journal. It is from New Fallen Snow.  The pages are designed for you and offer enough space to write but not so much that you are overwhelmed by it.  It's large enough not to lose but small enough for your purse.  I'm in love with the graphics and the size.  Go and check it out, it is on sale!

Whichever you choose, get it soon and get your planning started. Make this Christmas one that will allow you to enjoy the holidays without incredible stress.  Happy Christmas in July!