Sunday, June 25, 2017

Leon Day 2017

Happy Leon Day to all!

What does that mean?  To all die hard Christmas fans, this is the SIX MONTHS TO CHRISTMAS sign we celebrate in the summer, that, and Christmas in July, but that's another post!

To celebrate this year, I signed up for a Christmas subscription box called My Christmas Crate.  A subscription box is a box of goodies that comes on a regular basis centered around a theme.  This is a Christmas box, so all the items are Christmas related. I purchased the crate on my own, so I could see exactly what it looks like when it comes to a regular person in the mail.

When I got my first box, I was super excited.  The box is decorated with Christmas things on the outside, subtle, not too gaudy, and says Celebrating Christmas Year Round on the side.  I liked that! The box is sturdy and reusable and I am sure I will be using it for any swaps I participate in this year.

I liked that the box was taped once.  Not 40 thousand times but once with good quality tape.  Inside I was greeted with an adorable Christmas postcard that says Happy Leon Day!  What a fun way to experience this box!  The back of the card lists the items that the box contains and where the items come from.  In my box I received:

A beautiful boxed set of cards that are handcut.

A hand poured soy candle in the Christmas Cookie scent by Fireside Candles.

A holiday flip flop ornament by Cape Shore.

A kitchen towel by Design Imports.

And a cute candy cane pen from My Christmas Crate.

I was super pleased with my first box and I will sign up to receive others.  The box was about $37 including shipping.  I can't say it was a bargain but I can say I was very pleased with the contents. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves Christmas and wants to experience that feeling once a month throughout the year!!