Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Christmas is 4 Months Away!

Christmas is four months away!  For me, this is crunch time.  It is time to make travel plans, menus, gift lists, ornaments made, new decor planned and the house cleaned.  I will be deep cleaning every weekend from now on, and that will be quite the task since I have college classes one Saturday each month.  I will have to be organized and follow my plan!

Tree topper 2007
For the past several years I have not purchased anything new for decor, choosing to use what I had and to mix it up so that it looked new and fresh.  I don't see that changing much, but I did purchase a fresh wreath for one of my doors.  Last year we bought a 12 foot tree for the living room and this year I don't have a dining room to decorate.  I will be rethinking how to use the lovely things I have for the dining room throughout the house!

Looking forward to hearing plans from the rest of you!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Have you got yours???

Mine is on order!

Thanks, Cindy, for the heads up!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crazy about Christmas!

Christmas tree
I am crazy about Christmas!  Here's why....

my family always decorates our living room tree together!

my school does Secret Santa gifts!

I love having a reason to use the fireplace!

I love using my Christmas mugs, a different one every day!

the first graders do a Christmas program every year!

I love looking at Christmas lights!

I love all of Mr. Christmas Tree Lane's holiday ties!

I love Christmas TV specials!

I love to make and decorate Christmas cookies!

I love getting cards and letters in the mail!

I love seeing church decorated with poinsettias and the Manger.

I love taking family pictures!

I love the holiday home tours!

I love the special parties we are invited to!

What are you crazy about Christmas?

I love the parties we host!

I am crazy about the story of the birth of Jesus!

I am crazy about Christmas carols!
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