Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Etsy Christmas Favorites that are Available Now!

I like to get a head start on my Christmas decor and shopping and so I headed to my favorite online store: Etsy!  Are you an Etsy fan, too?  I am all about artists and their handmade goodness, especially at Christmas.  Support homemade!!

Santa Sack

I am in love with Christmas plaid, so these really caught my eye.  The Santa Sack continues in our family, even though our kids are grown! Apply the CHRISTMASJULY discount code to receive 20% discount off $10 or more!  I love it when my favorite sellers come through for us!  

Stocking Name Tags

With our ever changing family, personalized stockings were hard to keep up with, so these adorable stocking name tags were a great solution!

Fresh Balsam Wreaths

Ok, so you can't order this now!  But add it to your list of things to do in November.  Just looking at this wreath gets me all thrilled for Christmas!

Lobster Tree Skirt

Maybe because I am going to spend Christmas in Cabo, but this lobster tree skirt caught my attention!  Isn't it adorable?

Advent Counting

Since you are planning early, you have plenty of time to fill these adorable little containers with cute gifts.  I love this idea!

Christmas Ornament Kit

Again, you are planning early, so creating these adorable little ornaments will be a breeze!  Perfect for packages, neighbors and of course, your own tree!

And here it is, the Christmas Planner that I just love!  Pages and pages (72 to be exact) of Christmas helpfulness!  And for Christmas Tree Lane readers, you can apply the discount code of 5MONTHSTOGO to get 15% off $10 or more purchase! Isn't that nice!!  Tell Joleen I sent you!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Christmas Cookies!

Who can resist a post called Christmas Cookies, I tell you!!

I host a Christmas Cookie Exchange every year the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  About this time each year, I start taste testing the cookies that I want to try.  There are some important considerations for the cookies that are MUSTS:

  • 1.  The cookie must withstand packing.  No crumbly mess for my cookies!
  • 2.  The cookie must be small enough to pack in my container (12).  That sounds like that might be on me, but no, some cookies are designed to be huge!
  • 3.  The cookie can be creative but not take too much time for each cookie. I could be making up to 240 of the same cookie!
  • 4.  The cookie ingredients must be easily found. If I make a major league boo boo, I will need to be   able to restock the ingredients without ordering.
  • 5.  It must taste OUTSTANDING!

These cookies are ones that I am eager to try!  Some look more time consuming than others.  Those might be more fun for my family.  These gracious bloggers all allowed me to share their cookies with you!

Candy Cane Meringue Cookies by Bless This Mess
Red Velvet Cookies by Pink When
Mint Chocolate Brussels Cookies by the Cookie Rookie
Easy Gingerbread Cookies by Snap Creativity
Candy Filled Present Cookies by Hungry Happenings
Christmas Cookies by Lil’ Luna
Candy Cane Cookies by Home Cooking Memories
Grinch Cookies by Mom Dot
Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies by This Silly Girl’s Kitchen
Christmas Chocolate Kiss Cookies by The Kitchen is My Playground
Melting Snowmen Cookies by Homemade Hooplah
Stained Glass Cookies by Simply Recipes
Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies by a Pumpkin and a Princess

Which cookies are standing out to you?  My first one to try has to be those Candy Cane Meringues.  I think they may be too delicate but between you and me, I just want to make them for myself. Oopsie!

What are your favorite cookie swap cookies?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Welcome to Christmas in July, 2017

Welcome back to Christmas Tree Lane for Christmas in July!  After being quiet for a few months following Christmas, it is time for us to start getting back on the Christmas trail.

I have a confession to make.

We aren't celebrating Christmas at home this year.

That's right. My family and I have decided to celebrate in Cabo San Lucas this year and that means a whole lot of different planning.  I will share a long the way.

Until then, though, I want to celebrate with you for Christmas in July!  Every Wednesday I will post some fun things to do and fun recipes to try to help you celebrate on July 25. I don't know a lot of people who celebrate this holiday, so I celebrate it on my own.  AND I have a wonderful time doing it.

First off, check out these movies this month from  I am giddy with excitement over all the choices!

Saturday, July 15th
9a/8c: A Rose for Christmas
11a/10c: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
1/12c: A Christmas Detour
3/2c: Looks Like Christmas
5/4c: The Mistletoe Promise
7/6c: A December Bride
9/8c: The Christmas Cure - A World Premiere Original

Tuesday, July 18th
2/1c: Let It Snow
4/3c: 12 Gifts of Christmas
6/5c: A Heavenly Christmas
8/7c: Sleigh Bells Ring

Thursday, July 20th
2/1c: Christmas Land
4/3c: Christmas Cookies
6/5c: A Wish for Christmas
8/7c: Looks Like Christmas

Sunday, July 23rd
9a/8c: I'm Not Ready for Christmas
11a/10c: Sleigh Bells Ring
1/12c: Christmas Incorporated
3/2c: A Dream of Christmas
5/4c: A Heavenly Christmas
7/6c: Every Christmas Has a Story
9/8c: My Christmas Love

My favorite activity for Christmas in July is to make Christmas cookies (usually one I am considering for my Christmas Cookie Exchange) and hot chocolate and what one of these movies that I have recorded!

Do you have a favorite movie from this list?

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Leon Day 2017

Happy Leon Day to all!

What does that mean?  To all die hard Christmas fans, this is the SIX MONTHS TO CHRISTMAS sign we celebrate in the summer, that, and Christmas in July, but that's another post!

To celebrate this year, I signed up for a Christmas subscription box called My Christmas Crate.  A subscription box is a box of goodies that comes on a regular basis centered around a theme.  This is a Christmas box, so all the items are Christmas related. I purchased the crate on my own, so I could see exactly what it looks like when it comes to a regular person in the mail.

When I got my first box, I was super excited.  The box is decorated with Christmas things on the outside, subtle, not too gaudy, and says Celebrating Christmas Year Round on the side.  I liked that! The box is sturdy and reusable and I am sure I will be using it for any swaps I participate in this year.

I liked that the box was taped once.  Not 40 thousand times but once with good quality tape.  Inside I was greeted with an adorable Christmas postcard that says Happy Leon Day!  What a fun way to experience this box!  The back of the card lists the items that the box contains and where the items come from.  In my box I received:

A beautiful boxed set of cards that are handcut.

A hand poured soy candle in the Christmas Cookie scent by Fireside Candles.

A holiday flip flop ornament by Cape Shore.

A kitchen towel by Design Imports.

And a cute candy cane pen from My Christmas Crate.

I was super pleased with my first box and I will sign up to receive others.  The box was about $37 including shipping.  I can't say it was a bargain but I can say I was very pleased with the contents. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves Christmas and wants to experience that feeling once a month throughout the year!!