Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Little Puppy Holiday Cheer

Christmas 2009

We put out stockings for our two dogs and our cat. We love to watch them play with their gifts on Christmas! They usually love the ribbons and papers, too. Do you special things with your pets as well?


  1. I also put out stockings for my sweet peas!! My two cats are not really into treats & playing, but my Bentley sure is!! He always gets a present for Christmas. It is so much fun to see him so excited & tearing through the wrap to see what he got.

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Nicole

  2. oh yes....we wrap all of our Chrissy girl's presents. She's a pek-a-poo and loves to open her presents. I just use the tissue paper and wrap each one.

  3. We also put out stockings for our dog and two cats. Pepper, my cat, always climbs up on top of the couch and sniffs inside the top of her stocking. My dog loves to play with the cat's toys! Your dogs are adorable! Hope you have a nice Christams this year.



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